Welcome to iGloo (Quick-start)
Downloading & installing WP plugin
API & importing pages 
Mobile Live-Editing
Welcome to iGloo
In this video we walk you through a quick video to show you how iGloo works and how to get everything set up to start making incredible webpages & membership sites for your business.
Downloading & installing WP Page Importer
In this video we walk you through how to download & install the WordPress plugin for importing pages into your WordPress site. Really quick & easy to do!
API & importing pages
The final step to setting up the WordPress page importer is to add your API key. You will find your API key on the settings page. 
Mobile Live-Editing
In this video you will learn how to optimize your pages for all devices, including desktop, tablet & mobile devices. Its super simple & the most advanced editor to create specific views for each device.
Installing iGloo Member Plugin
In this video we walk you through how to download & install the iGloo Member plugin for WordPress. Super simple to do and takes just a minute or two to get it all set up!
Creating membership content pages
In this video we walk you through how to create membership content pages. Simply create a new section and select the 'membership' icon instead of a column layout. Then you can start building out your content, adding modules & lessons.
Setting up membership sites 
In this video we walk you through iGloo member. You will learn how to quickly & easily set up your membership site inside of WordPress. Create multiple membership levels, protect content, design your login & registration pages and more.
Select Membership Template

Instal Membership Plugin

Connect IPN and Create PayPal Button

PayPal Subscription Button

Adding a Buy Button

Free Registration

Protect Pages

Customize Auto Emails

Mobile Live-Editing
In this video we walk you through how to customise your webpages for mobile devices, to ensure they look great on all devices.
Adding Sound Effects
In this video we walk you through how to add sound effects & voiceover CTA's to any element. This is a new feature for iGloo Reloaded customers.
Text Animation Effects
In this video we walk you through how to create cool text effects using the text effects element. This is where your words will animate letter by letter to make more dynamic animations.
Creating Contests
In this video we walk you through how to create contests for your email sign up forms, in order to create viral traffic back to your squeeze pages through word of mouth referrals.
Creating Campaigns
In this video we walk you through a quick tutorial on creating campaigns. A campaign is simply a project or folder with multiple pages you can select to keep all pages for a specific website in one folder.
Editor Walkthrough
In this video we walk you through a more in-depth tutorial of the iGloo editor. How to create sections, rows & adding elements to your web page. Also we show you how to edit each element using the editing options in the right panel.
Adding video backgrounds
In this video we show you how to add video backgrounds to your pages. These are super easy to do and give a really nice effect to your pages.
Creating Slideshows
In this video we show you a cool way to create sliders & slideshows. We've implemented a cool way to easily convert any section into a dynamic slider.
Sticky sections, headers & CTA bars
In this video we show you how to create sticky headers. These are great for always showing your header & navigation bar while a visitor scrolls throughout your page. You can also create CTA bars with countdown timers & buy buttons or coupons that stick to the bottom or top of your screen utilising this feature. 
Evergreen Timers
In this video we show you how to create evergreen countdown timers. Perfect for evergreen webinar registration pages, up-sells & more.
Drop-down menus
In this video we show you how to create drop down menus for your headers. These are great if you have a website with many different web pages.
Facebook Comments
In this video we show you how to add Facebook comments onto your webpages. Great for keeping engagement & interaction on your websites between you and your followers.
Video light-boxes
In this video we show you how to create video light-boxes. This is where you have a thumbnail, and when clicked, it opens your video in a pop-up with a darkened background. Great when you have a lot of videos without needing to take up to much space on your website.
Dynamic Variables
In this video we walk you through how to add dynamic variables onto your web pages. This enables you to add on your actual email subscribers name onto any web page you send them too!

Here's how to do it:

Step #1 - Create a web page inside of iGloo

Step #2 - Add a headline or text element and inside your text use the tag [Name] as a placeholder for the actual viewers real name to appear.

Step #3 - Import your page or upload it to your server.

Step #4 - In your email client write an email you want to send to your subscribers. Then you want to get the personalisation tag from your email client to display there name in your email. For Active Campaign they use the personalisation tag %FIRSTNAME% to display the subscribers first name in your email.

Step #5 - The final step is to create your dynamic URL. You need to add the URL of your actual page you are using. Example: Now on the end of the URL you need to add this extra ?Name=%FIRSTNAME%.

So it would then be

Then you can add that URL to your text in your email message as a link and when a subscriber clicks on it the [Name] tag on your website will transform and display the viewers real name on the web page! Pretty cool huh?

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it actually will take you like 2mins to do.
#1 Adding email addresses
In this video you will learn how to add an email address link to any email url. Simply select action, then add the tag 'mailto: [email protected]' for example.
#2 Creating click-to-call
Most users now rely to some extent on smartphone to access websites. Clickable telephone links makes it easy for mobile users to quickly reach you by phone with a single click.
Using a button, image, or text you can create clickable telephone links or click-to-call modules.
#3 Using iGloo to store email sign-ups
Did you know you can store email signups without having any autoresponder?
Simply add the Email Element in your opt in page and select iGloo as the autoresponder.
You can then view the list of signups by clicking on the Subscriber icon in your campaign.
#4 Create link style
The text color may change if you add a hyperlink on it due to the browser's default settings. In iGloo you can add a Text Link Style without any experience with CSS.
#5 Adding google maps
Due to recent changes made by Google, you need your own Google API key if you want to use Google Maps on your own website. In this video we’ll show you where to get the Google API, generating the map embed code, and embedding the Google Map to your page.
#6 Save template as section
A part of the iGloo Pro Features will let you save a Section As Template. This will help you easily use the same section like a header or navigation on another page or theme which save page production time.
#7 How to set up favicon
Study shows that our brain process images faster than text. Favicon is short for “favorites icon". When browsing through their favorites, users can quickly find the site they want by the favicon.
You can simply upload your own favicon for your page.
#8 Contact form
A contact form in your page is a great way to interact with your visitors. You can embed a contact form in iGloo using a third party application.
#9 Cookie based timer
Now you can create countdown timers that are cookie based for each unique visitor. The timer will start when the person hits the page and will continue counting down even after they leave. You can also set a redirect so when the countdown timer ends, it will automatically send them to your other pages.
#10 FB title & description
Most content is shared to Facebook as a URL, so it's important that you mark up your website with Open Graph Tags to take control over how your content appears on Facebook. Inside the page settings you can set the title, description and image for sharing on Facebook.
#11 Cool column background
In this video we will show you how easy it is to create a section and change the row and column background inside the section.
#12 Menu for mobile
One of our recent updates allows you to create a multi-level menus perfect for mobile devices. Using the "Show On" feature of the section you can make different menus for desktop and mobile devices.
#13 Using a cookie script
Using a Cookie Script you can easily comply with the European Cookie law Cookie Script. You can get free Cookie Scripts through or
#14 Image gallery
Having an image gallery helps create an appealing website, and it is also useful in displaying the quality of your business products and services. In this video we will create a simple image gallery and utilizing the image popup, so when someone clicks on the image it will scale to enlarge the image.
#15 Facebook Page Plugin
The Facebook page plugin lets you easily embed and promote your facebook page on your website. Your visitors can like and share the page without leaving your site.
#16 No follow link
You can instruct some search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link's target in the search engine's index. “Nofollow" provides a way to tell search engines not to follow a specific link.

More information here:
#17 Pricing table
The iGloo pricing table was saved as template and can be used in your pages. In this video we'll show how to add the pricing table and create an additional table.
#18 Record all visitor movement on your website for FREE
Get inspired to improve your website by watching what your visitors do. In this video we’ll show you how to record your visitors screen, mouse movement, and clicks when they visit your website using SmartLook. This will help you understand more of your customer’s behaviour when they go through your website.
#19 Animated GIF as menu background
Want to make a menu with an animated GIF background? In this video we will show you how easy it is to set an animated background when a visitor hovers his mouse cursor over the menu.
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